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Hello Internet Traveller, you have come across my federated mind dump of a blog. I’ve been writing on the internet in various ways since the mid nineties (all of that was totally lost in time) and started a LiveJournal in the year two thousand.

I finally figured out how to inject posts into Plume so you can see a lot of the shit I wrote as an angsty teen old posts from the last twenty years here over the coming weeks RIGHT NOW - the import was finished on 24/03/2023.

If you want to say hi or send a manifesto of whatever is on your mind, you can use just about any fediverse tool to interact with this blog’s posts and comments @kevin@mmn.ca or use the traditional contact form.

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Got no brainz, just brain dead

Brain fart but in blog form


Thank you #COVID because why fix a problem when we can just something something economy !

A Decade of MrMan.net

Ten whole years for a single domain, sure it ain't 27 but hey, who's countin'

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I'm not the messiah, I am a very naughty boy

Working my way back

I like to do things as complicated as humanly possible, mostly because I'm bored and lazy

Hashtag Winning

Eleven human days later and CIRA has finally CIRA’d

LiveJournal is 25: interesting facts about me and my blog

LiveJournal turns 25! We’re inviting everyone to celebrate the jubilee together by participating in the #LJ25 hashmob!

Sunday Not So Funday

Because Monday is a thing again, I'm in bed with cats

Still Waiting for CIRA to CIRA

Waiting sux

Two Posts in One Day ?!

Look at you being so spoiled

This Post Serves No Purpose

Just Marlon Brando drinking a beer

Going Back to Ye Olde Days

I'd like to pretend that my constant need to do something isn't responsible for this, but this one time I'm going to admit nostalgia probably had something to do with it.