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Tracking, archiving Boris Johnson & Tory lies.

Casey Rollins :verified:

Christian. Dude. Chaotic good. ENFP. Prolly got #ADHD. Political wonk. Music fan. CEO of @counterpoints and @counterfedi. Regular, Informed & Authentic.


Casey is a Christian black conservative pro-life slactivist who own and operates as well as His activities on the #Fediverse have been met with a fairly positive reception, with many saying the following:

"Scrote" -

"Yep you're a retard" -

"Cringe and embarrassingly retarted" -

"So low T" -

"Retard" -

"You're gay lol" -

"Super-gay" -

"You’re a little b---h and a f----t." -

"You should castrate yourself" -

"you are a spineless f----t."

"You are in a psychopathic minority" -

Thomas Clothier

Pronouns: My Lord/His Worship | Perpetual learner | African dissident | FDVRS:: (pleroma) :: (hubzilla) LOCALE:: HL2003SWL


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Good Law Project [unofficial]

Vincent In Japan

I`m living in #japan , on the shonan coast ( 鎌倉 )

I'm originally from #France

I’ve two wonderful #dogs Théo ( テオ ) 9 years and Luca ( ルカ ) 7 months. Both are Lakeland Terrier.

Recently enjoying flight simulator games like DCS World and FS 2020.

I’m probably a geek too with a nerd tendency
Obsessively waiting for my #pinephone ....

Recently bought an old NextCube computer. I intend to toot some pictures and videos while restoring it.

French | English | 日本語 ( learning )


Owner of Eskimo North