Sunsetting Notice - OH.MG Plume Instances

I'm running too many of them because I can't decide how to live

Photo de Johannes Plenio sur Unsplash

Hello Internautes,

What a wild ride this has been. Over the not so long years I have run Plume instances at,,, and The server had a hardware failure and then I kind of knocked the other ones around for a while.

Since I’ve acquired I started playing more and harder with Bunny’s edge rules, and with some trial and error I figured out the best way to nest everything under mmn.(on.)ca.

Using that I’ve managed (I think) to nest a Plume server under the domain mostly silently and as I work around this, I can find a way to integrate it in to the glorious project that is giving the kind of life to my BBS’ domain I wanted to in the 90s.

What this means is that because the fedi server is starting to struggle a bit too much from the traffic and running four instances of Plume, I’m going to need to shutter four of them down.

Over the next few days these Plume servers will vanish off the internet and start to redirect to which is probably gonna do some breaking of things, and also since I need to restart the import, will certainly start spamming some timelines (please don’t block me) :


During which I’m going to kill all the subs from these instances as not to cause more problems than needed for other admins. Thankfully this will be the last change, I’m happy with what I’ve created here for once.