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All news regarding the fediverse, ethical technology and the like.


Ruben @rsolva@mastodon.social

Developer and forest gardener living in Tjodalyng, Norway. Co-owner of the cyber security business Skyfritt (translates to cloudless). #linux #FOSS #cybersecurity #drugpolicy

Snow @Snow@plume.snowcode.ovh

Benjamin @hbenjamin@mstdn.social

Christian, loves tech, cats and linux.
In my freetime, I'm either blogging on awesomeBible.de or writing open source software.
Oh, and I enjoy nature. 🍀🏞️

t1nk@mastodon.social @t1nk@mastodon.social

Tor Christian 🇧🇻 @tc@snabelen.no

#IT kar med interesse for #linux og #foss. Bur i #Viken.

Christoffer :noreg: @christoffer@snabelen.no

Eg likar programvare med fri og åpen kjeldekode! Bruke mykje tid på kunst og kreative prosjekter. Er opptatt av at vi får slutt på klimakrisa.

Tribbick @trebach@mstdn.social

I don't know which politicians I like (probably none), but I sure know who I don't.

DJ on tilderadio at random times. Toots will appear to announce a show, sometimes as the show is starting!

#NoBot This includes you, cryptoshills! You'll be blocked and reported. The admin hates you just as much as I do!

Baloo Uriza 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 @BalooUriza@social.tulsa.ok.us

Kodiak bear furry, OpenStreetMap volunteer. ExPort in Tulsa, founded the PDXfurs in 1997.

I've been involved in Debian since 1998 and OpenStreetMap since 2009. Did some things with the XMPP Working Group and used to hang out on Usenet.

Will probably accept your follow request if you look like a real and reasonable person.

Sometimes lewd. 🔞

Location: Tulsa, OK, US
Fursona Species: Kodiak bear
Pronouns: He/Him
Orientation: Bisexual

orelauwen@mamot.fr @orelauwen@mamot.fr

J'écris ici 👉️ https://serveur410.com/ 🐳️

IsolateGab :mastodon: @isolategab@todon.nl

Organizing those on the #fediverse to oppose #Gab (and now Trump's Truth Social) instances and Fediverse Apps. Organizing for freedom of instances to associate with whom they wish, and for private app stores to have freedom of enterprise to their terms of use.